Cowboy Coffee

by Joe Vickers

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released October 5, 2015


all rights reserved



Joe Vickers Drumheller, Alberta

Farmer by day, troubadour by night, Joe Vickers has logged countless miles on both his combine and tour van. His music explores the human spirit singing of the triumphs and tragedies of everyday life on the prairies.

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Track Name: Brokeback Son
They call me the brokeback son
In a town that wouldn’t screen the movie
Cast by comparison
Same boots worn by yours truly

I never meant to bring
Upon the slightest bit of shame
To be the darkened stain
Beside the family’s name

I’m writing to you now
Only to let you know
I’ve been whittled down
To the edge of this last note

And the words, they don’t come easy
For fear of what they’ll do
The pain that I’ve been living with
Is a different pain that lives with you

I’m not the one you asked for
But I’m your only son
I can’t be any other
When the day is done

I’m a sinner for loving sincerely
According to your faith
I’m wondering what it is you’re fearing
You’ve said God don’t make mistakes

Though judgement has been driven
Through the palms of my hands
The sacrifice I’m living
Is a story you may understand

I’ve always been an outlaw
In the truest sense
The love in my heart
Is beyond the barbs of a wire fence

I’m not the one you asked for
Track Name: Diamond Dancer
White swan under black lights
I go to watch you dance every Tuesday night
The joy lifts me to the ceiling
When I leave I return to a hollow feeling

The world slows when you hit the stage
Twice the one I’ll ever be, still half my age
A bouquet of bills undress
The wink you give it says, “I’ll see you after the set”

Where the dark curtains close
What we uncover here, nobody knows
Are we two unlikely souls?
I sit on my hands of roses

Counting petals as I pay
To practice words I could never say

Soft breath touching my cheek
Is the only voice that ever asks about my week
You praise me for who I am
Saying I am proof that there are still such things as gentlemen

In a place where lines are blurred
I give respect that you deserve
I know the day will come when you’ll leave

I can’t blame you either after all
This work is but a means
To an end and when the end comes
I’ll find out what it means

To be a part of the give and take
Held within these darken doors
I tell myself not to mistake
Think we could be something more

The closest thing to love I’ve ever known
Will be a memory that lingers
Fading with your perfume
Trapped in my clothes

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